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With nearly 15 years’ experience as a professional writer, editor and marketing consultant, Julia Rogers has helped countless inventive companies, entrepreneurs, organizations and intensely-creative individuals across industries discover their own distinctive and genuine voices so they can make a memorable and enduring impact on the world.

As a biography and press release writer as well as a master communications consultant, she focuses intensely on people and situations and asks penetrating questions to delve deep beneath the surface and elicit the exceptional, fascinating dimensions and details that make them sparkle. Previously a grant writer and development/marketing strategist for several New York City-based non-profit Arts organizations, she has also written business development materials and produced online media for a variety of small technology companies to help them solidify their brands and forge strong relationships with clients and their local and global communities. As a journalist, she has spent years investigating and celebrating the many aspects of business strategy and innovation, social media and emerging technology for small businesses and corporations. Julia continues to take risks that help her clients and partners passionately re-commit to their visions and commits herself fully to capturing their on-going stories with honest, sharp and engaging narratives.

Clients love her.

Julia's advice has helped me enormously in getting focused on the marketing aspects of the music business. She is incredibly easy to work with and offers suggestions that come from years of hands-on experience. As an artist, it's often very difficult to see yourself in an even remotely objective light. But Julia is great at helping you figure out how you'd like to present yourself, by not only offering an experienced outside perspective, but also by truly listening to your ideas and working with you one on one to bring them to fruition. I highly recommend working with her! – Don Ryan

Julia Rogers is the best bio writer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with in my 15 years as a pro musician. Julia’s approach to writing a musician bio is qualitatively of inherent value to the serious artist. Her entire ethos towards crafting a bio recognizes that a bio is the contextual basis for an artist’s official website, one of the first things potential fans read on the myriad of social networking sites, an informational pull point for journalists, bloggers and promoters, and a platform for search engine optimization. The impressive diligence in her information gathering is not just for show, but allows her to weave together a narrative within the bio that hones right in on the unique, striking and ultimately marketable aspects of the artist in question. When you read the final bio, you will smile. The quality of her work is second to none and the process is enlightening to be a part of. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her work to anyone and would encourage any artist serious about the representation of their craft to work with Julia to ensure this valuable part of their presence is the best it can be. – Pheroze

Julia is a truly great writer who has a deep understanding of music. In terms of artist bios, she goes far beyond the usual clichés and delves into your artistic world to genuinely understand your work before constructing a captivating, concise, and illustrative piece. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. – Randall Suarez, Red Measure

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